Why not now?

Hi, we are Jason and Katie McKay and this is RVLife ReVved UP!

We often dreamt about one day retiring and traveling in an RV with our motorcycles, then we started to wonder, why did that one day need to be so far away, why not now?

Adventure is not reserved for the young or retired.  When you’re ready, do it!

It seems crazy to some that in our mid-forties we would sell everything and choose to live a simple nomadic life….   

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Workamping (work-camping):  exchanging work hours for rv site and pay in order to travel, spend more time in different regions of the country and gain new skills.  

RV Life

Tiny living on wheels.  Where do we stay, what do we do,  where do we put all our stuff and how do we afford this lifestyle?

Motorcycling & Moto Camping

This is our happy place.  On two wheels and out for adventure.  Pack the tent on the bike and ride!

"Oh, the things you can find if you don't stay behind!"​

On Beyond Zebra!, by Dr. Seuss (1955)

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