Surprise Border Crossing
Boquillas Mexico

Surprise Border Crossing

When we checked in at the Big Bend National Park’s Rio Grande Village RV Campground, the store clerk mentioned an  excursion across the border that enters Mexico from the park.  It was only offered certain days of the week, this day happened to be one of them. He tells us to get to Mexico, we would need to cross the Rio Grande River in a small row boat and ride donkeys in to town.  I laughed out loud, “Oh wait, you’re serious? Sign us up!”  So, we dropped our rig lightning fast and headed off to the  Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry.

Boquillas Crossing Point of Entry
Boquillas Crossing Point of Entry
Boquillas River Crossing information
Know before you go

After showing our passports and ID at Boquillas Crossing we were told to watch out for the mud and sent on our way down the path.

Path to river crossing
“Just follow the path to the river” Ummm ok
muddy path to Rio Grande border crossing
After a deluge of rain in the area, our excursion came with a bonus mud treatment for our feet.

After some slipping around in the mud, we finally found the boat launch!

Crossing the Rio Grande in a row boat.
So this is how we get across?

Riding a row boat across the Rio Grande river into Boquillas, Mexico

Our guides had mad skill, that is hard work fighting the current to get goofy tourists safely across.  The ride is $5 per person and tips are appreciated.

After the boat ride we arrived in Mexico, where we were immediately greeted by the guides who picked out the best donkeys for us and took us into town.  The guides work on tips alone.

Donkeys take you into town.
Donkeys for everyone!

Riding donkeys into Boquillas, Mexico

Donkey ride in Riding donkeys into the town of Boquillas, Mexico
Big donkey, small donkey
Riding donkeys into the town of Boquillas, Mexico
Riding donkeys into the town of Boquillas, Mexico

Once in town, our passports were stamped and our guide stuck with us we explored.

Vendors in Boquillas, Mexico
Vendors in Boquillas, Mexico. We were often”encouraged” by locals to buy their crafts.

Now, that is authentic Mexican food!

First meal in Mexico, Rice and enchiladas.
Delicious! Rice and enchiladas.
Coke and Smile in Mexico
Coke and smile.
Boquillas Mexico
Boquillas Mexico

Boquillas had no electricity until 2015 when a solar array was installed.

Quoted text copied from San Antonio Express News, March 14, 2015

Financed by the World Bank, designed by German technicians and installed by Bulgarian engineers, the $1.5 million solar energy system has 312 electrical panels that will provide electricity to 70 houses.

Boquillas, Mexico solar
Solar installed in 2015 brought power to the town for the first time.
Boquillas Mexico solar
Solar array in Boquillas, Mexico.
Although Boquillas may have new solar technology, the power routing is still a bit primitive.
Although Boquillas has new solar technology, the power routing is still a bit primitive.

This trip was not on our radar, don’t be afraid to stray from the plan, try new things and explore.  This was an amazing experience that we won’t soon forget.

Boquillas Mexico
Town of Boquillas Mexico
Overlooking the Rio Grande
Overlooking the Rio Grande

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