Camping and Hiking the Amboy Crater
Amboy Crater

Camping and Hiking the Amboy Crater

The Amboy Crater is located off Route 66 in California in the Mojave Desert. The crater is easy and free to access and explore. Crater Road is beautifully paved, there are restrooms and picnic tables in the day use area and a wide paved pull-off for overnight use. It’s easy to hike to the base of the crater with a moderate climb to explore inside and around the top of this extinct volcano.

Boondocking at Amboy Crater
Boondocking at Amboy Crater
Camping at Amboy Crater
Just because you start out alone, doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way. We were joined by a large, but polite, group of Scouts.
Paved road to Amboy Crater Day Use
Beautifully paved single lane road to the day use area. Watch for oncoming vehicles, there is no room to pull off.
Amboy Crater Day Use Area
Picnic tables and restrooms at the trailhead for day use only.
Amboy Crater Heat Warning
It was still cool enough at the end of March that we felt comfortable taking the 3-4 mile hike with a couple bottles of water, and of course snacks.
Fields of Yellow Flowers at Amboy Crater
We were lucky enough to be at the crater when the flowers were in bloom.
View of the inside of Amboy Crater
Inside the crater lava bed.
Hydrating at Amboy Crater
Hydration break on the crater rim.
Desert flowers and sunset at Amboy Crater
Desert flowers and sunset.
Sunset at Amboy Crater
Sunset at Amboy Crater
More about Amboy Crater
More about Amboy Crater

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