Zion National Park Hike Ride Through and Hike Up

Zion National Park Hike Ride Through and Hike Up

The Ride Through

The winding road through Zion National Park, Mount Carmel Highway lead us through canyons of red, pink and checkerboard cream. Even when the views are lost to the mile-long tunnel*, we were still in awe.

However, you can only see one piece of the park from Mount Carmel Highway. To get to many of the trails you need to take the free Zion Canyon Shuttle. So, after a few passes through the park on the motorcycles, we decided to take the shuttle to one of the trailheads and go for a short hike.

A Short Hike?

Well, we intended our hike to be short, but after a half mile there-and-back walk on the Lower Emerald Pools trail to see a small waterfall, we craved a little more. We walked from the Zion Lodge on the Grotto Trail and soon found ourselves on our way to Angel’s Landing – the most challenging hike in the park! Zion 2019 Hiking Guide

Victoriously making it to Scout’s Lookout, we left the final, fairly difficult climb up to Angel’s Landing for a future time when we would be more prepared. Five miles, 21 switchbacks (Walter’s Wiggles) and more than 1700 feet of elevation gain were enough of a “short hike”. We will be back!

*TUNNEL NOTE: If your vehicle is 11”4 or taller or 7’10” or wider, including mirrors, awnings, and jacks. Check the park rules and schedule for large vehicle passage.

Zion National Park sign
The Obligatory sign photo.
Deer in Zion National Park
These guys can be spotted throughout and outside the park – be on the lookout when driving / riding!
Zion National Park
Hike from Grotto to Angels Landing
The “easy” portion of the hike.
Zion National Park
Switchbacks to Angels Landing
Zion National Park
Switchbacks to Angels Landing
One section of the seemingly endless switchbacks to Angel’s Landing.
Angels Landing Switchback - Walters Wiggles Zion
Switchbacks to Angels Landing – up and down are almost equally treacherous when not prepared.
Angels Landing
Scout’s Lookout provides rest and restrooms for hikers. This is the turn back point for the weary like us, the brave move on to the summit on the right.

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