Change of Plans
The projection of the storm as we were passing through the southeast.

Change of Plans

When we hit the road and started our month long trek from Tampa, Florida to Southern California for our first workamper gig, we knew that our plans for travel needed to be more of a guideline than a hard and fast schedule.  We had to be ready for a change of plans at anytime. We made no camp site reservations but estimated where we might end each day. Then we scoped-out possible free locations on sites like Campendium for quick passes through town or RV parks if we thought we may want to stay longer in a particular area.

So, when Tropical Storm Gordon threatened our plans, we had to high-tail it from Florida to Texas.  Being Florida natives, we are no stranger to storm threats and would typically “wait and see”, but pulling a trailer (your only home) through hurricane winds is not a chance we wanted to take.  Thankfully, all that we lost en route was a little sleep from long days on the road and the chance to see some sights.

Storm alerts on our phones kept us informed so we could change plans.
Storm notifications on our phones kept us informed.
Tropical Storm Gordon in Alabama
Bridge over the Mobile River in Creola, Alabama as we had to detour slightly north to avoid flooding and evacuation traffic.

This whole journey is about change, so when something doesn’t go as planned its just another part of the adventure.  We may have missed seeing New Orleans, but that gave us time to ride our bicycles through downtown Houston and spend a week in Big Bend National Park – neither of which were originally on the itinerary.  We know The Big Easy will still be there when we come through again some day.

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